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  • Time-Schedule: Six plus one month.
  • Course Materials: A 400-page text book based on the teachings of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is with discourses and exercises.

Course Procedure

  • First we give ads in newspapers to get people enroll for the course. Recently we are having candidates through acquaintances—those who have already done the course. We often set a book table in the temple to get new candidates.
  • Willing candidates enroll themselves by sending donation through bank transfer or Online
  • We send them course-materials by post, courier, email.
  • The Candidates begin studying the books.
  • Question-papers are sent to the candidates.
  • Candidates send answer-scripts, which we review, evaluate and correct their misconceptions. The evaluated answer-scripts are sent to them.
  • After three test exams we conduct a Final Exam through correspondence. The candidates have to secure minimum 40 % to get through the exam.
  • This course is available in Hindi and Bengali

Yearly Seminar

  • The successful students are invited in a yearly five-day Gita Seminar.
  • A Special Exam on the Bhagavad Gita is held here in Mayapur.
  • In the seminar all the successful candidates are given gifts and certificates.

Course Fee:

Deposit Course Fee  Rs. -550 (we will send all documents by Resister post/ Courier service)

Our Bank a/c-  ISKCON , AXIS BANK , a/c-237010100005944,

After transaction please send your full postal address, mobile number, occupation, qualification, age, etc by email.

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